This sample app is available at, which can be checked out and run once Skip is installed.


This is a Skip dual-platform app project. It creates a native app for both iOS and Android.

This app shows Skip’s integration with the Firebase backend cloud computing services using the official native Firebase SDKs for iOS and Android. It utilizes the Skip Firebase framework.


This repository contains an Xcode project with a SwiftUI app that uses the Skip plugin to transpile the app into Kotlin then build and launch it on Android. To get started:

  1. Install skip (requires macOS 13+ with Homebrew, Xcode, and Android Studio):
    $ brew install skiptools/skip/skip
  2. Configure and launch an Android emulator from the Android Studio device manager, or by launching a pre-existing emulator:
    $ ~/Library/Android/sdk/emulator/emulator @Pixel_6_API_30
  3. Download this repository as a zip file and unzip it, or clone the repository:
    $ git clone
  4. Open the Xcode project in the Darwin folder:
    $ open skipapp-fireside/Darwin/FireSide.xcodeproj
  5. Select and Run the FireSide target with an iOS simulator destination; the app will build and run side-by-side on the iOS simulator and Android emulator.


The module can be tested using the standard swift test command or by running the test target for the macOS destination in Xcode, which will run the Swift tests as well as the transpiled Kotlin JUnit tests in the Robolectric Android simulation environment.

Parity testing can be performed with skip test, which will output a table of the test results for both platforms.


Xcode and Android Studio must be downloaded and installed in order to run the app in the iOS simulator / Android emulator. An Android emulator must already be running, which can be launched from Android Studio’s Device Manager.

To run both the Swift and Kotlin apps simultaneously, launch the FireSideApp target from Xcode. A build phases runs the “Launch Android APK” script that will deploy the transpiled app a running Android emulator or connected device. Logging output for the iOS app can be viewed in the Xcode console, and in Android Studio’s logcat tab for the transpiled Kotlin app.