Skip Pricing

Skip is licensed on a per-developer annual subscription basis. Details.
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annual per developer
Small Business* $299 $0 Apply
Professional $999 $499 Buy

* Educational institution, nonprofit, or business/individual with less than 250K USD annual revenue

Skip Early Adopter Discount

Notice: the Skip Early Adopter program will be ending in May, after which time the program subscription will be full price.

The Early Adopter Release is your opportunity to help shape Skip’s future while getting a huge discount!

There are many reasons why Skip is the right choice for dual-platform development, and it is truly magical to see your Swift and SwiftUI come to life as fully native iOS and Android apps.

Skip is ready for production use, but it is still a young product. You may run into the occasional bug, and support for many iOS APIs on Android is still limited. Thanks to Skip’s seamless integration with Kotlin and Compose, these limitations are never blockers, since adding Android-specific code is a breeze.

When you become a Skip Early Adopter, your feedback determines where we focus Skip’s rapidly-expanding API support, and your bug reports are our top priorities. We hope you’ll even consider contributing to Skip’s open-source libraries or releasing your own dual-platform packages to improve Skip for the entire community.

If you have questions or would like to discuss additional options or services, please contact us.