Getting Help

The Troubleshooting section below has tips for dealing with common Skip tooling issues.

Use the Skip discussion forums to send feedback, ask questions, or search for solutions to issues. For bug reports, use the issue tracker.

You can also contact us directly at or on Matrix at

Please include the output of the skip checkup --double-check command in any communication related to technical issues.


Skip’s architecture relies on recent advances in the plugin system used by Xcode 15 and Swift Package Manager 5.9. When unexpected issues arise, often the best first step is to clean your Xcode build (ProductClean Build Folder) and reset packages (FilePackagesReset Package Caches). Restarting Xcode is sometimes warranted, and trashing the local DerivedData folder as well as your app directory’s .build folder might even be needed.

Specific known error conditions are listed below. Search the documentation, issues, and discussions for more information and to report problems.

  • Xcode sometimes reports error messages like the following:

      Internal inconsistency error (didStartTask): targetID (174) not found in _activeTargets.
      Internal inconsistency error (didEndTask): '12' missing from _activeTasks.

    When these errors occur, the build appears to complete successfully although changes are not applied. Unfortunately, this is an Xcode bug. We have found the following workarounds:

    • Continue to retry the build. Eventually Xcode may complete successfully, although the errors often continue to become more frequent until you are forced to apply one of the other solutions below.
    • Building a different target and then re-building your app target may clear the error.
    • Restart Xcode.
    • Clean and rebuild.

    You can read more about this Xcode error on the forums.

  • Skip may highlight the wrong line in build errors. When Skip surfaces the wrong line number, it is typically only one line off.