The skip-xml framework is available at, which can be checked out and tested with skip test once Skip is installed.

SkipXML is a Skip framework that provides an XML Document parser.

On Swift/iOS it is implemented using Foundation.XMLParser and Foundation.XMLParserDelegate, and on the Kotlin/Android side it uses org.xml.sax.XMLReader and org.xml.sax.helpers.DefaultHandler.

Documents are parsed into in-memory XMLNode structures as follows:

import SkipXML

func parseXML(data: Data) throws -> String {
    let node = try XMLNode.parse(data: data, options: [.processNamespaces])    
    return node.xmlString() // returns the XML document as a string


This project is a Swift Package Manager module that uses the Skip plugin to transpile Swift into Kotlin.

Building the module requires that Skip be installed using Homebrew with brew install skiptools/skip/skip. This will also install the necessary build prerequisites: Kotlin, Gradle, and the Android build tools.


The module can be tested using the standard swift test command or by running the test target for the macOS destination in Xcode, which will run the Swift tests as well as the transpiled Kotlin JUnit tests in the Robolectric Android simulation environment.

Parity testing can be performed with skip test, which will output a table of the test results for both platforms.