Current Status

We envision a future in which Skip can flawlessly translate any Swift code, in which all Foundation, SwiftUI, and other core iOS API is perfectly mirrored for use in Android, and in which a thriving Skip community has developed both dual-platform versions of other iOS libraries and its own set of useful API.

This Skip technology preview is our first step towards that future. It will have some bugs, and there is a whole lot of iOS API left to cover. But Skip’s foundation is solid, and we will address issues and shortcomings rapidly. And thanks to Skip’s seamless integration with Kotlin and Compose code, the worst case scenario for working around any Skip translation problem is to fall back to normal Android development.

The technology preview is also an opportunity for you to provide feedback on what we should prioritize for upcoming Skip releases. We believe that even at this early stage, Skip is a compelling solution for most dual-platform development needs. It will only get better as it matures and we’re able to incorporate your feedback.

Watch an introductory video here, and browse a showcase of the available components here. Experimentation with this early technology is welcome – we have forums for both general discussions as well as specific issues and bug reports.

For details on what Swift language features Skip can transpile, see the Swift Support Reference. For more information on what iOS API has been ported to Android, check the individual Skip modules.