Build SwiftUI apps for iOS and Android with Skip

A demonstration loop video of the Skip development process

Skip brings your iPhone app to Android. As you develop your modern Swift and SwiftUI iOS app, Skip's intelligent transpiler generates the equivalent Kotlin and Compose Android app alongside it. Deliver fully native apps for both the App Store and Play Store with one team, one language, and one codebase.

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Benefits of a Dual-Platform Skip App

Genuinely Native Genuinely Native

Genuinely Native

Skip apps don’t just “look native”, they are native: Swift and SwiftUI on iOS, Kotlin and Compose on Android. You know the difference, and so do your users.

Totally Transparent Totally Transparent

Totally Transparent

When you use Skip, no part of your app is hidden from your view… or from your debugger. Skip transpiles your Swift directly into Kotlin source code that you can inspect and customize.

Featherweight Featherweight


With Skip’s transparent adoption, your iOS app has no dependencies on any Skip frameworks. And the resulting Android app only requires a few Skip open source libraries.

Memory Efficient Memory Efficient

Memory Efficient

With no additional managed runtime, Skip apps are as efficient as they can possibly be on both platforms: bare metal on iOS and ART bytecode on Android.

An Idyllic IDE An Idyllic IDE

An Idyllic IDE

Skip’s IDE is Xcode, the premiere app development environment for iOS. For serious Android customization, open the generated code directly in Android Studio.

Perfect Integration Perfect Integration

Perfect Integration

Skip generates standard Kotlin and Compose, so integrating with Android libraries is painless. Call other Kotlin and Java code directly, with no bridging required.

Foundationally Open Foundationally Open

Foundationally Open

Skip’s transpiler is only half the story. The frameworks that underpin iOS app development, such as Foundation and SwiftUI, are made available on Android through Skip’s free and open-source reimplementations.

CI Friendly CI Friendly

CI Friendly

Skip transpiles unit tests too! You can ensure that your logic performs identically across platforms. Run your tests headlessly either locally or remotely, making acceptance testing a breeze.

Ejectable Ejectable


Your code is your own – both the Swift inputs and Kotlin outputs – so you aren’t locked into an ongoing dependency on the Skip transpiler.