Skip Comparison Matrix

This table presents a comparison of the Skip dual-platform development framework with some of the other cross-platform alternatives that are available.

  Skip Xamarin Flutter KMP React Native Ionic, Cordova, PhoneGap
Development Language Swift C# Dart Kotlin JavaScript JavaScript
Development Platforms macOS Windows, macOS Windows, macOS, Linux Windows, macOS, Linux Windows, macOS, Linux varies
Maintainer Skip Microsoft Google JetBrains Facebook Adobe, etc.
Deployment Platforms iOS, Android Windows, Android, iOS Android, iOS, Fuchsia, Web, Desktop Android, iOS, Desktop, Server, Web Android, iOS, macOS, Web, Windows, VR Mobile, etc.
Min App Size 25KB (iOS)
8MB (Android)
8MB 6MB 4MB 10MB varies
IDE Integration Xcode (Swift)
Android Studio (Kotlin)
Visual Studio Android Studio IntelliJ IDEA VSCode VSCode, etc.
Package Manager SPM (Swift)
Gradle (Kotlin)
NuGet/CocoaPods Pub/CocoaPods Gradle/CocoaPods NPM varies
Swift interop Direct Obj-C bridged Obj-C bridged Obj-C bridged Obj-C bridged Obj-C bridged
Native Compiled Yes Yes Yes Yes No No
Garbage Collected No (Swift)
Yes (Kotlin)
Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Virtual Machine None (iOS)
ART (Android)
Mono (iOS AOT) Flutter Engine (AOT) KMM (iOS)
ART (Android)
Hermes varies
Additional Runtime No Mono Flutter Kotlin JavaScript (JSC/Hermes) varies
Hot Reload No No Yes No Yes varies
Reactive/Declarative UI Yes No Yes Yes Yes varies
UI Controls SwiftUI (iOS)
Compose (Android)
UIKit (iOS)
Views (Android)
Material Design Material Design Bridged + Native HTML WebView
Layout Engine SwiftUI (iOS)
Compose (Android)
XAML Compose Compose CSS Flexbox CSS, others