Skip Comparison Matrix

This table presents a comparison between using Skip for dual-platform iOS and Android development versus some of the other cross-platform app builder technologies that are available.

  Skip Flutter React Native Xamarin KMP Compose Ionic/Cordova
Development Language Swift Dart JavaScript C# Kotlin JavaScript
UI Framework SwiftUI Flutter HTML/JSX+CSS XAML/MAUI Compose HTML+CSS
Package Manager SwiftPM Pub/CocoaPods NPM NuGet/CocoaPods Gradle/CocoaPods Varies
IDE Xcode Android Studio VSCode Visual Studio IntelliJ IDEA VSCode
iOS UX Native Mimicked Native Native Mimicked HTML
Android UX Native Mimicked Native Native Native HTML
Rendering Canvas Native Impeller/Skia Flexbox Native Skia WebView
Code Execution Compiled Compiled Interpreted Compiled Compiled Interpreted
Call Platform API Direct Bridged Bridged Bridged Mixed Bridged
Added VM/Runtime None Flutter Engine Hermes Mono Kotlin/Native Varies
Added Garbage Collector None Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Minimum iOS App Size 100 KB 13 MB 8 MB 8 MB 16 MB Varies
Minimum Android App Size 5 MB 17 MB 9 MB 8 MB 5 MB Varies