Skip Licensing

Skip is licensed on a per-developer annual basis. Every developer modifying or building code transpiled by Skip should have their own valid license.

License Keys

After an initial trial period, the Skip build tools require a valid Skip license key to run on any non-open source code. A Skip license key is not required by your apps at runtime.

You receive a Skip license key when you purchase a Skip Small Business or Skip Professional license. Each license key is node-locked to a particular computer. This is meant to reduce both intentional and accidental piracy; you generally do not need a separate license for your CI machine or for each of your other computers. If you require a new key or multiple keys for a single developer, please contact us.

For more information on installing your license key, see the documentation.

License Types

The following sections describe the types of Skip licenses available. Users of all license types are bound by the Skip terms and conditions.

Skip Professional

The Skip Professional license allows you to use Skip to develop software for any entity, regardless of its educational/nonprofit status or its revenue.

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Skip Small Business

The Skip Small Business license is designed for:

These criteria apply to the owners of the software developed using Skip. If, for example, you are a contractor who uses Skip to write apps for a business with at least 250,000 USD in gross revenue - or multiple businesses whose combined gross revenue exceeds 250,000 USD - then you do not meet the Skip Small Business license criteria. You must purchase a Skip Professional license, though you only need a single annual license regardless of how many organizations you contract with. Consider charging your contracting customers accordingly.

Questions? Please contact us.

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Skip Open Source

The Skip Open Source license applies to software that uses one of the GPL license variants. To use the Skip Open Source license, ensure that all of your Swift source files have a valid GPL license header. No Skip license key is required, but you are obligated to publish the source code of any app that you ship using Skip.

Note: Use skip init --free ... to automatically add GPL headers when creating a new Skip project.

Licensing FAQ