We are delighted to announce that the Skip Developer Program is now available! And for a limited time, we are offering a 50% Early Adopter discount for the first year to businesses who subscribe through this purchase link. When you become a Skip Early Adopter, your feedback determines where we focus Skip’s rapidly-expanding API support, and your bug reports are our top priorities.

Skip is the only tool that enables you to develop a genuinely native app for both major mobile platforms, using the official toolkits from each vendor: SwiftUI on iOS and Jetpack Compose on Android. This means that your apps will look and feel native to users. Skip apps are fast and efficient, and they don’t suffer from the high memory use and graphical jankiness of other cross-platform solutions.

Skip has been in development for over a year. Since we announced the technology preview in October, we have had hundreds of eager testers and received valuable feedback from a wide community of app developers. The ability to create a genuinely native app for both iOS and Android using a single codebase – written in a modern language (Swift) and developed with a first-class native IDE (Xcode) – is an exciting prospect for many organizations.

For the first time, a genuinely native app can be developed in a single language using the official toolkits and APIs of both mobile platforms. Try out the free evaluation today to see how you can create a truly universal app with one single codebase and one small team.